TGA Podcast Episode 0011 – Bucky Happy Foggy!


Alright kids. Gather on the magic story rug and prepare for Episode 11! Topics for this week include a recap of Chris’s trip to the happiest place on earth, the new Ant Man movie creative team, Saga selling points, Marvel’s apparent endorsement of Gorilla Glue, and Peter. A lot of Peter actually.

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TGA Podcast Episode 0010 – Gravy Lite


This episode is a perfect ten just like Chris and Kris (if you could see them you’d know why this funny). Hope you’re ready to talk about Edgar Wright, Futures End, the imaginary Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame, how baby robots are bornt, and Original Sin. This episode is a short one, hence the name “Gravy Lite.”

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TGA Podcast Episode 0009 – Thawbert Birkman


Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. (Nobody’s done that before, right?) Lets count down this week’s topics; Original Sin, DC’s inability to promote events , Chris missing out on Watcher balls, patent trolls, Marvel Unlimited, and the Deadpool videogame.
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TGA Podcast Episode 0008 – My Mop Never Smelt Like That


Welcome to The Ocho! Comixology, Deadpool’s wedding, Carls Jr. vs Hardee’s, Original Sin, retcons, lil’ baby Magneto, Tamara Drewe and yarn charts are ALL things we discuss this week.
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TGA Podcast Episode 0007 – Miller Time!


Luck #7! Topics for this episode includes internet trolls, luchador henchmen, Marvel events, old folks getting their swerve on, piracy, Amazon’s purchase of Comixology, and Captain America: Winter Soldier (kinda). Continue reading

The Original Issues 1 & 2


Art & Story by Sean Miller
Editor Travis Compton
Covers by Ramon Villalobos
Published by Anchor Comics

In a few days, artist and writer Sean Miller will be releasing the print copy of issue #2 of his indie comic, The Original. Lucky for us, digital copies were available for purchase days before allowing us to take an early look into a world run by dictators who present themselves as “superheroes.” For the purposes of this review I’ll be lumping issues 1 and 2 together.

The Echelon (afore mentioned superhero dictators) have used their power and influence to force their vision of Utopia on the citizens of Earth. To enter this Utopia you must first report to an evaluation center. It sounds to me like one of those “check in but don’t check out” situations as people who submit to evaluation are never heard from again. Things have gotten so dire that an aging superhero is convinced to once again don his mask and crest.

This is a really sold read. It harkens back to how I perceived superheroes as a kid without the cheese.

While an aging superhero is the headliner in this book, it’s Ms. Crowley and her cat Alexander that steal the show. Crowley appears to be an elderly and crotchety building superintendent, but we quickly learn that appearances aren’t everything.

While there is no color inside the books, I find the art to be really good. Miller has definitely mastered the full page splash. Also, I love the cover for book #2. Villalobos’s use of color is too rad.

This story arc is one that I think we readers can get a lot of mileage out of without it turning into a moldy oldie. Most privately published indie books don’t have the most consistent release schedules. I would suggest readers keep back issues handy. Sometimes you have to read back an issue to remember what the heck is going on.

This book is definitely worth the read and can be found at