Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia


Before we get started, I will admit something, while I was itching to get back to writing reviews, when I got the review copies of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia, I was hesitant to get started, mostly because I am not what you would call a wrestling fan, at least not since I was a kid in the mid 80’s. I also wasn’t sure if six issues would be a big chunk to jump back into reviews with after so long. So what is Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia, and what did I think? Climb up on those turnbuckles and jump with me.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 art by Dan Schkade, Colors by Marissa Louise

Wrestler “Rock ‘N’ Roll” Rory Landell has had it with the American Wrestling Federation, and walks away before a championship match, but not before declaring himself the Galactic Champion Of The Universe. Years pass, Landell is a shadow of his former self, taking whatever he can to keep the drinks flowing, and barely getting by. He’s a has-been, a never-was, washed up, and out of touch. And the broadcast of Rory declaring himself Galactic Champion has been working its way through space, to Planet Wrestletopia, an alien planet of wrestlers, who view Rory’s declaration as an act of war. They come to Earth, wrapping the planet in a steel cage, and challenging Rory to defend not just his Galactic Champion status, but the very world itself.

I said earlier, I’m not really into wrestling, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia in the slightest, if anything, the book has sparked an interest in wrestling for me that I haven’t been able to bring myself to find over the years. These are damn fun comics. I actually laughed out loud several times reading this book, the dialogue from writers Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions is hilarious, and pitch perfect. Rory is a classic example of a character who just can’t help but get in his own way, and the world that is built up around him, via the other wrestlers, and fun supplemental materials feels lovingly thought out. The art by Dan Schkade for issues 1-3 and Kendall Goode with inks from David Hahn on issue 3 is great, giving the book an almost animated feel, bringing the wrestlers, alien and human to life, the action is fun, and captures the absurdity and athleticism of the characters. Colors by Marissa Louise on issues 1-3, Jason Lewis on issue 4, and Jio Butler on 5-6, are beautiful. And the letters by A Larger World Studios for 1-3, and Sal Cipriano for 4-6 are great too.

This is good stuff folks, I really recommend it, Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia is available exclusively on ComiXology here. A Kickstarter is coming for a print collection in the spring.


Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia

Writers: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions

Art: Dan Schkade #1-3, Kendall Goode #4-6

Inks: David Hahn #3

Colors: Marissa Louise #1-3, Jason Lewis #4, Jio Butler #5-6

Letters: A Larger World Studios #1-3, Sal Cipriano #4-6

Production/Design: Conley Pressler & Jimmy Pressler

Publisher: Starburns Industry Press, the comic book publishing arm of Starburns Industries

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