Suicide Squad #9 (or trades in general)


You know it’s happened to you, reading a book in trade, maybe it crosses over with something else, and that story isn’t collected. Suicide Squad #9 is one of the worst examples of this I’ve run across in awhile. Why? Let’s see after the jump.

I was very happy to see that volume 2 of the John Ostrander run of Suicide Squad was out, after reading and really enjoying the first volume. I could see why the run is considered such a classic. So what’s my beef with the ninth issue?


First effing panel!

Page one, panel one, “READ THIS WEEK’S ISSUE OF MILLENNIUM BEFORE READING THIS STORY,” no issue number, and it’s not collected in the story. Flipping back to the cover apparently this is Millenium week 4.
Millenium was a weekly series that ran 8 issues of its own in January and February of 1988, as well as crossing over into a bunch of other books. Maybe it’s on ComiXology? Nope.

That’s fine enough I guess, at least they wouldn’t set something up and then just drop it and tell you that it’s going to be resolved in an entirely different book?


At least DC is being honest here

What issue number would that be?

Well, they certainly wouldn’t do that again, would they? Would they?!



Hmmm. Well hopefully none of the characters did something important or, y’know, meet fucking Batman or anything like that in an entirely different book.


Good job! An issue number!

Oh well, I think it’s only the one issue that crosses over with Millennium, although after a couple issues the Suicide Squad crosses paths with Doom Patrol. You know what IS included though? Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad #1, as well as Justice League International #13, and Secret Origins #28. Though none of those issues have anything to do with Suicide Squad #9.


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