Review: Just Another Sheep #1

Cover of Just Another Sheep #1

I got an early look at a new book from Action Lab Entertainment that will be hitting soon, so I want to give everyone a chance to get in where they fit in, and make sure you aren’t on the outside looking in, like all the squares. Get hip to the scene after the jump.


Just Another Sheep #1
Writer: Mat Heagerty
Line Art: JD Faith
Color/Design: Jon Cairns
Letter: Ed Brisson
Flatting: Rene Keyes
Created by Mat Heagerty and JD Faith
Action Lab Entertainment

It’s 1967 and Banning James is on his way to look for a man that seems to know about people who are different, people with abilities that make them different. We get a glimpse at Banning’s ability right up front, and that sets off the story, as we follow him to a peace rally, where he sort of falls in with a group of protesters. He goes along, at first perhaps because he’s a sucker for a pretty face, and things escalate, with Banning  going along with it, because he’s (*puts on sunglasses*) Just Another Sheep (Yeeeeeaaahhh)


It’s actually more subtle than that, and not some sort of cringe worthy, “We ARE The Walking Dead,” type scene. Actually with the abilities he possesses, it’s refreshing to see a character that isn’t manipulative and just kind of a timid guy. I don’t want to go into spoiler territory though so I won’t go into the story much and where it g



I will say, the book is gorgeous, JD Faith is a new name to me, but Faith is an artist that blew me away. The clothing, the characters, the ability to draw large crowds and keep everyone distinct. Not only do the people look great, they move and feel real people. The colors deserve a shout out too. I mean this as a huge compliment when I say there is an almost Chris Samnee like feel to the art. There is action, some psychedelia, and all that good stuff.


The letters are a huge part of the art, not in an overpowering way, but in a beautiful way, in panels, between panels, the panels themselves.
This comic is beautifully designed, and thought out. It is a notch above most Big 2 books and up there with some of the best Image has to offer.

There is also a playlist for the issue included at the end, and anything the includes The Oogum Boogum Song is alright by me.

Just Another Sheep will be available November 4th, and stay tuned shortly for an interview with Mat Heagerty soon. And enjoy a peak at the alternate cover for the first issue.


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