Love Wins


This isn’t a political blog, and this isn’t comics related, but today is a historic day. Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states (finally) and I’m exceedingly happy. Am I gay? Nope. Do I believe that people should be allowed to marry someone they love, whether they are of the same or opposite sex? All day, every day, and in all 50 states. We turned down a podcast guest awhile ago, because of their repellent, hateful, opinions of in their words The Homo’s, and some extraordinarily backwards opinions of non-white characters in comic books. Today though, I’m happy. Happy I don’t have to explain to my children that only certain people can be married again. Happy that people who are in love, can be recognized as equals in the eyes of the law. The world is an awful place, and love is not a color issue, an issue or sexual orientation or gender, it’s a human issue. If you are lucky enough to find a partner you love, and want to spend your life with, by all means take that person by the hand, look them in the eyes and say, “I do.” Celebrate love. Celebrate equality. Celebrate Gay Marriage. Thanks SCOTUS


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