9/11- (not comics) Listening to that day again.


Since this is the 13th anniversary of the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, I decided to revisit that very day in audio form. Thanks to the archive of PaintYourBaldSpot.com a site that has collected years of the Don and Mike show, you can listen to the show from that day. Don and Mike were broadcasting from WNEW in Manhattan that day, as well as being on their home station on WJFK. To hear it again, not as a “this happened over a decade ago” but, to hear them go on the air that day, to hear the the confusion as information comes in, is both heartbreaking and fascinating. Listening to them take calls that day you hear the shock, confusion, anger, and more importantly people pulling together as one. They call out CNN for getting their graphics department for their America Under Attack graphics, and interviewing Tom Clancy. As my kids get older, I think we may listen to this again, so they can get a sense of this day… Thank you Don, Mike, Robb and Buzz for doing their best during a horrible, confusing time, thank you to PYBS for having this archive available. But more importantly thank you to all of the emergency services personnel who worked tirelessly in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone who lost family, friends and loved ones that day.


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