The Walking Dead really got me


After 2 compendiums and about 100 issues The Walking Dead really got me. Spoilers after the jump.

This book… I have become used to characters dying, no one is safe really, and if things seem to be going well (as well as they can in this world) you know bad stuff is about to happen. That being said, the death of Glenn was one of the most shocking for me, not just because of how long he had been around, or that there is a baby on the way, but the pure brutality of it. That was just rough, man. Such a graphic, disturbing scene. Also, when Nagan introduced Lucille, I thought, is that a B.B. King reference? To a lesser extant Abraham dying caught me off guard. Glenn though is burned into my brain. Although I guess good on them for showing what blunt objects would do to someone, how many movies show people getting slammed in the head with a pipe or bat or something with no damage to the victim. So, cheers I guess to Kirkman & Adlard for crafting such an effective scene, but also Fuck you screw you guys for that scene too. This book has been a helluva ride.


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