I was a teenage, time-traveling, mutant, super hero, space pirate. Cyclops #1 & Shutter #1



Just a couple real quick words, about a couple books, one from Marvel and one from Image.


Cyclops #1

Space Writer: Greg Rucka

Space Artist: Russell Dauterman

Space Colorist: Chris Sotamayor

Space Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Space Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano

Space Assistant Editor: Frankie Johnson

Space Editors: Nick Lowe, Jeanine Schaefer, Tom Brennan


Teen Cyclops is in SPAAAACCCE! Or I was a teenage, time-traveling, mutant, super hero, space pirate. Groovy, all my bitching about wanting Carol Danvers to run across the Starjammers is taken care of here, with teen Cyclops from the past, kicking it with his swashbuckling space pirate dad Corsair. This is pretty damn fun stuff. Cyclops was always my favorite X-Man growing up, then I saw that yeah, he’s kind of a deadbeat and a dick. Writers for years have had a hard-on to destroy Cyclops for ages, when really, he should be THE mutant super hero, he is the best of the best. Maybe hanging out with his Space Dad as a teen, will give Space Cyclops a chance to not be such a repressed, tight ass, and do something aside from pining after Jean Grey. In Space. Give me more of this book please. I’m all over this book like Scott Summers on a telepath. My main question? Where did Corsair get boxer briefs in SPAAAACCCE?



Shutter #1

Writer: Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila Del Duca

Colorist: Owen Gieni

Letterer: Ed Brisson

Created by: Leila Del Duca & Joe Keatinge


I had not heard anything about this series before I grabbed the first issue the other day, so I really had zero expectations for it. But, what the hell, I grabbed it, I dug it, thanks in no small part to the wonderful art of Leila Del Duca, I have never heard of her before now, but I am damn glad to have found her. This book is looking to be fun stuff. Check it out y’all. Just wanted to pop by with a couple books, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to read, so I will see you before you know it.




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