The Spider, The Elf & Some Bastards




Hey there sexy, I’ve missed you all. Especially you, did you shave your chest?



Here comes a quick helping of a whole bunch of fairly recent books.


The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Writer: Dan Slott

Penciler: Humberto Ramos

Inker: Victor Olazaba

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Letters: Who knows

Associate Editor: Ellie Pyle

Editor: Nick Lowe


Peter Parker is back, Spider-Man is Superior no more and Amazing again. And in the first couple pages we get the retcon flashback to the radioactive spider bite that gave Peter his powers, and we see he wasn’t the only one bitten that day. It doesn’t take long for the old Parker luck to kick in with his costume being dissolved and forcing him to fight crime in a pair of web skivvies. We see Pete coming to grips with some of the various changes in his life while Doc Ock was in control. Pretty nice to have him back. There are several backup stories from a vast assortment of creators, catching you up on assorted parts of the Spidey-verse, Spider-Man 2099, Scarlet Spider, and so on. Also Included in this issue is Inhuman #1, which Marvel is just shoving up everyone’s bottoms whether you want it or not. Shockingly Joe Madureira is around until #3(who saw that coming?) And Ryan Stegman is coming on, which is great news since I am quite a fan of his art now and refused to buy that Wolverine book to see it.


Nightcrawler #1

Writer: Chris Claremont

Artist: Todd Nauck

Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Assistant Editor: Xander Jarowey

Editor: Daniel Ketchum

X-Men Group Editor: Mike Marts


Chris Claremont returns(again) to the X-universe with Todd Nauck on art. It’s a pretty good first issue, with Kurt reconnecting with some of his former teammates, and Amanda Sefton his romantic lady friend and stepsister or adopted sister or whatever she was. I’m in for this book, I’m almost always happy to see Claremont on an X book and Nauck’s art does have shades of Cockrum, which is welcome. Good to see Kurt and Rachel catching up a bit too. Good to have Kurt back in general, just read his death issue a couple days ago thanks to Marvel Unlimited, which was sort of bullshit, but I guess it was supposed to inflate the stakes of whatever endless crossover it was at the time that the X books have been involved with nonstop since the 90’s. Messiah Complex? X-Plosive Diarrhea?


Southern Bastards #1

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art & Color: Jason Latour

Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

Color Assist: Rico Renzi

Editor: Sebastian Girner


There is something here that Chris and I agree feels very familiar but we can’t seem to put our fingers on. Well, I can’t put my finger on, I don’t speak for his fingers. I don’t mean that to knock the book either, it’s nice to get a book with an older protagonist, and damn if it doesn’t look fantastic. Seriously, Latour’s art is great, and the colors really add to the book. Good stuff y’all.


More books coming soon, as I said on the podcast, I have fallen down the Marvel Unlimited rabbit hole reading the entirety of the last Peter David X-Factor run(except for one random issue that wasn’t there) which I really enjoyed(Spoiler: Longshot is a clone of Shatterstar, and um…Shatterstar’s dad?) Avengers Academy, which wasn’t very many issues, but very enjoyable. An AraƱa miniseries that was, well not bad, but virtually instantly forgettable, the Kyle & Yost X-Force, Most of Uncanny X-Force, And I’m about to read that other Spider-Girl book, that I have heard was beloved. I guess I enjoy teen heroes. More books tomorrow, and our very first interview! See ya soon, sugar-drawers!




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