Any DC suggestions?


Or, I got bored this morning and made a dumb Photoshopped picture…

AC Slater/DC Comics


So tomorrow I’m off to my LCS to pick up some books before the next episode of the podcast (available on Stitcher) and I am going to try dipping my toes back into the waters of the DC pool. It’s not a secret I am not much of a fan of the New52. I think DC crapped the bed pretty hard with it, but I will try to give them a shot again. I actually dug Vibe, The Flash here and there, the odd issue of Supergirl or Phantom Stranger but I have not real idea where to even start. That is where Twitter comes handy, so I shot a tweet to a dude whose judgment I trust when it comes to DC books, the fantastic Martin Gray*, for some suggestions. Here are a few I will be looking to grab and read this weekend, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Action Comics


Red Lanterns

The Wake


Swamp Thing

Justice League Dark

Justice League 3000

What else is worth checking out? What is good, or for that matter are there any that are just totally bonkers? Complete messes? Beautiful turds? Let me know teens.


* Mart can be found on his truly great blog Too Dangerous For A Girl! Go here and give him a read.

3 thoughts on “Any DC suggestions?

  1. Well, one of my favorite (now canceled) series from the New 52 is Dial H. It was pretty good, with a premise so goofy that it ended up being more fun than most other DC books out nowadays. And this is the series whose entire point is being a sendup to the more mature Vertigo reboots of classic comics.

    The problem I have with DC is that I keep dropping series or series I like kept ending…and DC wasn’t producing any new series I cared to read. Now I’m down to The Flash, Batman, Earth 2…Batman Beyond Universe…and that’s about it. Oh, and I’m tentatively following Dead Boy Detectives, but that’s Vertigo again.

    Well, DC is going to be giving Sinestro his own book soon, and there’s that upcoming Batman Eternity weekly series (oh God the prospect of a weekly just floors me, moreso because I’m actually interested). Who knows?

    • Hey sorry, I didn’t realize I had to approve the comments lol thanks for the input! My problem with DC has pretty much been the fact that what they did have, legacy characters and all that is gone now. And they are pretty grim all around. Flash I’ve run hot and cold on, it can be amazingly beautiful though. I dug OMAC but that didn’t last. Same with Vibe lol. I picked up a few books Friday, I will get around to writing about, and talking about tomorrow. One thing I will give to DC, they are keeping J.M. DeMatteis busy, and even in some of these darker books, he writes beautifully.

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