Punisher 1&2


A little bit about Frank…

The Punisher #1&2

Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Mitch Gerads
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

I recently read these 2 issues back to back, after hearing good stuff about this new series. Unfortunately, I think this might be the only 2 I read. This isn’t a bad book really, I just feel like it’s not quite for me. There is quite a bit here I like. Moving Frank out to California for a bit seems good, it’s nice to know there are other places in the MU for a change and get out of New York. I like Mitch Gerads’ art, this isn’t a hyper-buff, grim, cartoonish Frank Castle. As a matter of fact, he smiles more here than he probably has in ages. He busts balls with a guy that has some backstory with him and knows who he is, he is downright amiable to a local female cop, even working the Punisher beat. Why it even looks as though he has gained himself an animal sidekick in a wounded coyote, that he takes in. Frank taking on drug cartels? I’m there. Special uncredited appearance by Danny Trejo in issue one? Why not, it was fun. A.I.M. Arming the cartel with some sort of powerful secret weapon? I’ll bite.
That secret weapon being (SPOILER!) Electro? Ugh… you lost me guys. Sure, let’s remind get that profile raised a bit before that movie comes out, but I was looking forward to Frank being a bit more detached from the MU while he was out west. Is that last page reveal supposed to be significant? Do they have a special history? Is Electro really more than a C-list Spidey character I should care about? Maybe C-list is a bit harsh, I don’t really dislike Electro, but seeing him show up here, deflated whatever goodwill this book had built up for me. This book can join the new Black Widow book and the new Invaders book as something that just didn’t quite gel for me. Something I wanted to like, but it fell just short of keeping me around. What did you guys think?


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